Tell the NY Public Service Commission to

Say NO to the
Ørsted Wind Farm

Long Island Can't Afford Higher Electric Bills

Long Island is in the middle of an energy crisis, with residents like you paying some of the highest energy costs in the country. As if that’s not bad enough, a foreign company called ORSTED struck a sweetheart deal to build a South Fork wind farm, which will produce the most expensive energy in the state and we foot the bill. It’s nearly double the cost of energy produced by any other off-shore wind farm.

A multibillion-dollar corporation is set to make MILLIONS of dollars off of the South Fork wind farm project on the backs of hard-working New Yorkers like you. And they’ve done it before. ORSTED is well-known for making its billions of dollars in profits by taking advantage of small communities like ours the world over.

Enough is enough! Our community can’t afford higher energy costs.